Over the years I’ve been able to try myself in many different fields, such as animation, photography, human painting studies and many more. During this time I’ve always felt most fascinated by things that give the spectator a way to interact with and include themselves as part of the artwork. When I learned that “Game Design” is a real job that combines all these passions into one fun package, I knew what I wanted to do as a career.

I have a long education in both classical and digital art which helped me tremendously during my bachelors in game design at ZHdK. I was able to focus on learning the facets of game developing while honing my art skills. Understanding how visuals are implemented through programming and Unity changed my workflow to be optimized for games.

After the bachelors I had the chance to work as a Junior Game Designer at Maschinen-Mensch - an indie studio from Berlin - with amazing peers who taught me many new skills. Then, in 2022, I founded my own indie studio LUAL Games together with my colleague and best friend Anna-Lena Pontet. We continued our bachelors project and finally released it a year later with the publisher DreadXP.

Feel free to contact me: luzia.huettenmoser@gmail.com