Year: 2021 
Production Time: 6 months (Current Project)
Created With: Unity, Aseprite, FMOD, Botpress
Role: Lead Artist, Lead UI and UX, Game Design, Programming,
Narrative and Content Design

Collaborator: Anna-Lena Pontet
Music by: Jonas Füllemann and Paul Schmidt
A game about isolation, control and distraction in the form of a modern text-adventure. Discover what lies behind the door and solve puzzles to slowly reveal the truth of this forest. Experience not only a hidden world but engage in a conversation with the avatar to find out what this game really is.
We published an alpha of the game on April 15th on, which has since gained over 1.5k Downloads.
Read an article from AlphaBeta Gamer here.

We created this game as our bachelor project and have been nominated for our schools sponsorship award, been invited to various events and have received funding through Pro Helvetia.
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